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Two-Toned Stretch Knit Wraps

Featured photo by Tracy Christine Photography featuring Icy Purple

Are you bored of your regular stretch knit wraps? Looking for a way to freshen up your newborn photos? Why not add a beautiful pop of texture with these unique two-toned stretch knit wraps?! They're absolutely GORGEOUS and so soft! <3
Stretch Knit Wraps are a must-have for all newborn photographers. Tiny Tot Prop Shop's stretch knit wraps are high quality, thick, and soft. These wraps are great for keeping newborns swaddled nice and tight for their newborn photography session.
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Stretch Knit Wraps - Tiny Tot Prop Shop - Newborn Photo Props
Photo by Indy & Feather Photography featuring Teal
  Stretch Knit Wraps - Tiny Tot Prop Shop - Newborn Photo Props
Photo by Leah Laurie Photography featuring Walnut
Not sure how to wrap baby up? Don't worry! I have compiled a great list of tutorials to help you nail down different wrapping techniques. Join the VIP group to find them <3 You can also check out a great tutorial here featuring an Icy Green two-toned stretch knit wrap!
SIZE: Approximately 18" x 66" (46cm x 168cm) with over 3 feet of stretch.

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Wash by hand in cool water. Hang to dry. You can also wash on delicate and tumble dry low.
Stretch Knit Wraps - Tiny Tot Prop Shop - Newborn Photo Props
Photo by Tracy Christine Photography featuring Robin Egg
Stretch Knit Wraps - Tiny Tot Prop Shop - Newborn Photo Props
Photo by E&H Photography featuring Peony
"My name is Tracy of Tracy Christine Photography and I am a hoarder (of wraps that is!). I have been a newborn photographer for 6 years going into my 7th. In this time many vendors have come and gone, many products have worn out and not lasted. I came across Michelle from Tiny Tot Prop Shop who FINALLY, as a wonderfully Canadian vendor, had a vast amount of wraps and newborn items to choose from. I own approximately 30 wraps from Tiny Tot Prop Shop. I absolutely ADORE her two-toned stretch knit wraps. The colors are amazing as is the stretch! The wraps stretch so far without any tension in seams, allowing for some amazing little wrap jobs even on the squirmiest of babies! The variety of colour is amazing, tones you just can’t get anywhere else!" - Tracy, Tracy Christine Photography
"Tiny Tot's two-toned stretch knit wraps, if they aren't already a staple in your studio, they should be! The tones inter-twining really add that pop of texture and subtle hint of color to any wrap set. I love incorporating these wraps into my own sessions and parents can't get enough of their soft texture and what they add to the finished images. " - Erica Hafferty, E&H Photography

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