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Meet the Team

We have an "About Us" page, but it mainly focuses on Tiny Tot Prop Shop inc. and me (Michelle) since I'm the owner and operator, but I'm not the only one who does the work!!! In fact, I don't do much of the "dirty work" anymore which is kind of nice! 😀 I have to give a lot of that credit to my fiance Jason!

If you've ever received a wooden prop order from us then you've probably noticed how Newborn Photo Props - Newborn Photo Props Canada - Shop for Newborn Photo Props Online - Tiny Tot Prop Shopmeticulous each prop is wrapped and packaged to ensure its safe delivery. I owe ALL of that meticulous madness to my amazing fiance Jason. We've been together for 2.5 years and from the absolute beginning I told him that Tiny Tot takes up A  LOT of my time. He was freaked out at first, but slowly began hanging out in the shop room and eventually started to help with packaging the orders. Things changed very quickly when we brought in the wooden photo props. Honestly, he hated how I packaged the wooden props so he took over. It's a love/hate relationship for him. These wooden props are EXHAUSTING to package, but he does it with very little complaining!

Jason has his BBA in accounting and works as an Accounting Technician during the week. Yup, super fun work right?! He loves it though! We actually met 3 years ago when his accounting firm merged with the firm I was working for. Shockingly, our bosses didn't care that when we started dating!!! Fast forward to now and we're happily engaged and planning our wedding for September of 2022 😀 Jason loves to watch hockey in his spare time and enjoys going out for dinner (win for me!).

As for me, I'm working solely for Tiny Tot Prop Shop now as well as attempting to keep my highly energetic, far-too-smart 6 year old son occupied and educated (how do home school parents do it?!) during these COVID-19 times. My mom lives with us so she's been a huge help, especially when I need to close the shop room door and get things done! I enjoy Starbucks coffee, working out at the gym, and sleeping in.

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