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5 Must-Haves for Newborn Photographers

Becoming a newborn photographer can be very overwhelming and finding a place to start is hard. What camera do I get? What lights should I use? What's the best lens? And often photo props are completely forgotten until the very last minute.

We've created a must-haves list to help ease the pain of figuring out "what do I need?!" and put you in the right direction of starting a glorious prop collection. A prop collection that will represent that wow factor in every single one of your newborn photos.

5 Must-Haves for Newborn Photographers!


1. Stretch Knit Wraps

Stretch knit wraps are SUPER important for newborn photography. This is the easiest way to keep your tiny newborn client warm and often a great way to sooth baby (unless you're my son who hated being wrapped and cried his whole session 😭). You don't need a ton of different wraps when you're first starting out. A few different stretch wraps in neutrals is a great starting point.

The images above are a linen soft knit wrap, peanut dream knit wrap, and grey gorgeous hand knit wrap. All three wraps are very soft and each of them have their own beautiful textures.

2. Posing Fabric - Beanbag Backdrops

We believe finding fabric that is comfortable, soft, and stretchy, but also wrinkle free is the most important for posed newborn photography. Now, that sounds easy enough, but finding wrinkle-free fabric has proven to be somewhat difficult. If you don't like ironing or steaming, then you will want to avoid avoid most of the jersey knit fabrics. Tiny Tot Prop Shop offers a thick, extremely stretchy, soft and versatile beanbag backdrop that is also WRINKLE FREE! Check out the Cuddle Knit Posing Fabric here. We suggest starting with neutrals because they are great for both newborn boys and newborn girls. You truly can't go wrong with a great neutral backdrop!

Cuddle Knit Posing Fabric - Beanbag Backdrops - Newborn Photo Props Canada - Tiny Tot Prop ShopLight grey cuddle knit posing fabric - image by Bijou Bee Photography

If you don't care about wrinkles, then that's cool too. Finding a great knit fabric backdrop can do wonders and Tiny Tot Prop Shop has several to offer including some fabrics with gorgeous textures. You can shop all posing fabrics here.

Cuddle Knit Posing Fabric - Beanbag Backdrops - Newborn Photo Props Canada - Tiny Tot Prop ShopImages by Bijou Bee Photography and Plush Photography


3.Layers and Basket Stuffers

We could probably keep you here all day long talking about layers. They are our absolute favourite pieces! Layers are great for adding texture and/or depth to your images. The great thing about layers is there are so many different types that you can invest in. You cannot go wrong with any of these layers or the colours their available in.

Macrame layers are slowing becoming a staple item in many newborn photographer’s prop collections. These are great because they work with newborns as well as sitters. If you’re looking for something that you can use in your wooden photo props, then we suggest the Textured Fringe Layers. They come in eight gorgeous colours are very soft. Another layer that can also be used as a wrap are the pearl fringe layers. These are very popular right now and are available in 15 different colours and shades. You can also never go wrong with a great chunky knit basket stuffer (or bed stuffer as seen below!). These are currently available in 13 different shades and colours and we are obsessed with them. They are so soft!

Chunky Knit Layer - Basket Stuffer - Textured Layer - Bump Blanket - Newborn Photo Props Canada - Tiny Tot Prop ShopImages by Melissa Auer Photography and Bijou Bee Photography


4. Wooden Photo Props

We wish we could tell you the one wooden photo prop that you need the absolute most… but our opinion changes daily! We offer a variety of different wooden photo props which doesn’t make choosing any easier, either. What we can tell you is that our Deep Rustic Wooden Bowl is our best-selling wooden photo prop right now. These bowls work well for both newborns as well as sitters and are available in natural, grey, white, and rustic white. You can also check out our Shallow Rustic Wooden Bowls. They’re available in all of the same colours and work for both sitters and newborns, too!

Rustic Wooden Bowl - Newborn Wood Bowl - Wooden Photo Props - Newborn Photo Props Canada - Tiny Tot Prop Shop - Photography Props - Photo Props

Images by Melissa Auer Photography and Bijou Bee Photography

Now, lets talk about the most obvious wooden photo prop… heart bowls! You can purchase the carved heart bowl or the regular heart bowl. It is totally up to your preferences. These bowls are gorgeous and both worth great for the silhouette images. The silhouette image below was created with our regular heart bowl.

Heart-Bowls - Rustic Wooden Bowl - Newborn Wood Bowl - Wooden Photo Props - Newborn Photo Props Canada - Tiny Tot Prop Shop - Photography Props - Photo PropsImages by Melissa Auer Photography, Bijou Bee Photography, and 1000 Words Photography

You can also purchase newborn wooden beds, trench bowls, curved benches, wooden chairs, and so much more. It is truly up the what you envision using most in your studio.


5. Rainbow Themed Photo Props

It’s always good to be prepared for a rainbow baby. You don’t need a huge collection of rainbow props when you’re starting out, but you will want to have something on hand just in case. Our rainbow mohair wrap is a great piece and it’s available in both bold and pastel tones. You can also purchase a matching bonnet or tieback.

Rainbow Wrap - Rainbow Baby Photo Prop - Newborn Photo Props Canada - Tiny Tot Prop Shop
Images by Stacey Clutterbuck Photography and Bijou Bee Photography


There you have it! That is our 5 Must-Haves for Newborn Photographers list. There are so many different types of props that you can purchase. We didn’t even cover tiebacks, headbands, or floor drops, but we don’t want to overwhelm you with things that you can purchase later. We hope that we eased some of the pain with this list. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Check out everything we have to offer here… but be warned we have a lot of stuff!


Michelle Johnson

Hello! Was referred to you by Photography props canada facebook page. About to start my newborn journey and will like to purchase a couple of items from you. I know there are basics that are needed. Will like to know how this works. Thank you

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