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Gorgeous image by Tracy Christine Photography featuring the
knotted bow wrapping technique in our dusty plum sweater knit wrap.

Knowing how to use your stretchy knit wraps is a must for great newborn photos and since I'm useless for tips I had to find a newborn photographer willing to share her secrets. I want to thank Tracy Christine Photography for allowing me to hang out with her during a newborn photo session and for showing us this awesome wrapping technique!

She calls this the "Knotted Bow" wrapping technique and she says it's one of her go-to wraps for the majority of her newborn photo shoots.
This video was captured while we were "live" on Facebook, but I thought it was still helpful!
 She's using our popular sweater knit wrap. Check out this article to learn more about these wraps!
I know a lot of photographers struggle with wrapping those precious newborn babies. I'm honestly horrible at it and have no idea how many of you guys do it! I've compiled a list of useful wrapping tutorial videos to help you nail down some popular newborn wrapping and layering techniques.

Flowy wrap;

Putting sleepy caps on twin newborns (Topaz soft knit wrap);
Draping layer over baby (Topaz soft knit wrap);;
Basic wrap;


Twist wrap;

Double wrap;
Pretzel wrap;
Twist Knot;
Womb Wrap;
Potato Sack;
Pea Pod;
Toes Peeking;
Basic wrap;
Wrapping techniques and workflow;
Did you find useful tips/videos that aren't listed? Please share them in the comments section!

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